According to a job announcement, Machinegames , the Wolfenstein studio, is developing an AAA multiplayer title , as well as Indiana Jones and, probably, the new Quake (which should be announced at QuakeCon 2021, if the clues that emerged in recent days prove to be true. ).

The open job position seeks an intermediate or senior AI programmer to help the firm develop its next AAA. Note that Machinegames’ other ads worked on talking about “titles” not “title”, confirming that there are more projects in the works.

One of the skills required of candidates is to be able to build multiplayer bots that replace humans. Could it be Quake’s multiplayer mode? It could, but that would mean that development is still on the high seas. Also, another skill requires knowing how to design the player’s companions. Quake, unless it was heavily modified conceptually, offered no companions.

Of course it is fair to specify that ours are only speculations. The development of the game is certain, otherwise they would not hire to make one, but we will see what it will be worth out of it. It could also be a new Wolfenstein online , as far as we know.


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