It’s official: The PlayStation 3 and PSP digital store closes on July 2

You only have three months left to buy games from the PlayStation 3 digital store, hurry before it crashes!


It’s official now. For more than a decade, the PlayStation 3 digital store has provided access to a remarkable variety of titles. As Sony refuses to release its PS1 games on its modern platforms, the PlayStation 3 and PSP are still the best devices to enjoy these classics, such as Suikoden, Hercules and Toy Story 2. However, this era has come to an end. Since you will no longer be able to buy anything on these devices. Say goodbye to the oldest version of the PlayStation Store, because 7th generation devices will no longer have access.

PlayStation has confirmed it in a statement and they have been quite detailed with what this change implies. July 2 will be the day chosen for the end of the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3 and PSP. As for the PS Vita store, it will remain open until August 27. You can still download purchased games for an indefinite amount of time. You’d better put some money into your accounts, as your chance won’t last long.

Who knows, they might make a special sale before the final day.

This has caused a lot of annoyance among those with at least the slightest interest in PlayStation 1 games. If Sony doesn’t create legitimate ways to access these titles, what do you think is going to happen? What will people forget them and pretend that the fifth generation of consoles never happened? Anyway, stay tuned and buy all the classic titles that you want to have in a collection. Although it is an additional expense, you will suffer more if one day you want to play something to which you no longer have any type of access.


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