It is leaked that Halo’s Master Chief will also come to Fortnite


Kratos from God of War and Master Chief from Halo will be coming to Fortnite as exclusive skins for their platforms.

Yesterday was one of the most important days in Fortnite history. At least this one featured one of the most fascinating and shocking developments in the history of Epic Games. Many say they don’t recall being so surprised by an alliance since Thanos launched into the game. In this case, what was leaked was that Kratos, the protagonist of God of War, would be arriving at the legendary Epic title. Now, it has also been leaked that it is the turn of Master Chief, the most popular figure among Xbox properties. Will it or will it not be true?

Fortnite foto 2

After Kratos leaked, another photo began to appear that appeared to be a fake. This was the photo of Master Chief, saved in a pitiful resolution that is not even HD. The photo showed the Master Chef, a new vehicle based on the Warthog, and another vehicle based on the Pelican. By itself, this rumor might have been less far-reaching, but what saved it was that a number of people tried to validate the existence of the rumors. This culminates in a tweet that reads :

I have followed the origin of this image back to 4Chan. The person who did it anonymously shared that he has a friend who works at Epic who got both Salty Towers and Madalorian Mythics right.

Fortnite foto 1

What seems obvious is that both Kratos and Master Chief will be exclusive content for their respective platforms. If you want to play as the God of War protagonist, you will need to have a PlayStation console on hand. The same would happen with the Xbox and Master Chief. Will Nintendo dare to hand over any of its properties for something like this?


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