Halo: MCC Now Ready for Intergenerational Play on Xbox Series X | S

343 Industries is not only working on the arrival of Halo 4 to Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC, but also preparing adjustments for the collection due to the arrival of the new generation.

As expected, the title can be enjoyed on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The study plans are that all the players in the collection can play together at some point.

The studio has just taken an important step towards making this a reality, as the new update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection makes some improvements to later enable intergenerational play with the new consoles.


The latest update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection is out now for Xbox One and PC. As we mentioned, the update includes several adjustments for current systems and for the subsequent launch on new generation consoles.

343 Industries detailed that the update includes general stability improvements to offer a better gaming experience. Additionally, support for intergenerational play was added with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Thus, it is expected that at some point the owners of the new consoles will be able to play with Xbox One and PC users, platforms that will have cross-play in the future. On the other hand, adjustments were made to the interface, so a focus animation was added to the customization menu.

Lastly, the names of the Halo 3 skins were capitalized to make them look aligned with other menu options. While the update does not include much new for current systems, it is certainly important for the new generation.

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If you plan to download the update, you should know that it has a different maximum weight depending on the platform. On Xbox One it will occupy approximately 4.9 GB. On PC, via the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass, 2.62 GB will be required.

If you play the title on Steam, you will be happy to know that the update has a maximum size of 50.7 MB. More information on the features that the collection will have on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.