Halo Infinite isn’t quite open-world but you can backtrack through it

A few months after its launch, which by the way will mark the beginning of the Xbox Series X cycle and this period of 2 years of shared environment with Xbox One, there are still many details to know about Halo Infinite. For some time, some rumors have indicated that 343 Industries will go fully into the open world, however, it seems that this will not be the case, at least not completely, as pointed out by its creative director.

Destructoid report shared information revealed by Paul Crocker, creative director of Halo Infinite, who was questioned about this idea that the delivery will bet on the open world. In that sense, Crocker pointed out that although Halo Infinite will have very large areas to be explored, there will be a guide dictated by the development of the story, although it will be possible to return to those places once progress has been made: “the simple answer is that takes place in a huge world that is open and expansive. We have a story that will take you through it and will effectively unlock certain areas. But as you progress, you will have the ability to go back and explore. There is much to discover in the world”.

For his part, Jerry Hook, chief designer, mentioned that Halo Infinite will also focus on a progression system related to exploration and discovery and obtaining improvements for equipment and weaponry: “As Master Chief explores the ring, he will find more He’s always going to find ways to upgrade and it’s not just about power, it’s about player options. We want to make sure players can make the decisions they need to be successful the way they want to play. “

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