Halo Infinite developer “plans to be much more communicative”

Halo Infinite was meant to be the game with which Xbox Series X | S began the new generation of consoles. Unfortunately the first time it was shown to the public, the results were not as expected, with criticisms focused mainly on the technical section of the game, which did not breathe those next-gen airs that Xbox players so desired.

After confirming that the multiplayer mode would be released as separate and free content, it was not long until what many players imagined became official: Halo Infinite was delayed to 2021 without a fixed date, so it was no longer a title of Xbox launch Series X | S.

Since then we have heard little about the game beyond the character skin system in multiplayer or details about the sound of the weapons. Now it seems that things are going to change and that from 343 they want to keep the fan up to date with everything that happens in development and what to expect from the game.

343 anticipates a change in communication regarding Halo Infinite

In a recent post on 343’s website, the studio’s community manager had a few words for fans, confirming that things are going to change. “We have seen that you, our community, have many questions and are looking forward to more information. We want nothing more in this world than to answer your questions. We are eager to go into detail about the rich history and characters of the campaign of Halo Infinite “.

Finally, he says that “we know that you are all excited to know what is happening with Infinite and due to a myriad of circumstances after the date change, we have been quiet longer than we would like . ” To combat that, the 343 Industries CM confirms that “we are working with the team to provide an end of the year update and set plans to be more communicative in the coming months . 

It seems that Halo Infinite still has a few months of development left , an extra time that will surely make a game that deserves to honor the mythical Master Chief.