Halo Infinite is one of the biggest names for Microsoft and its consoles. Initially scheduled as a launch game for the Xbox Series X | S, the shooter has been postponed for a full year and, even now, has no release date. 343 Industries also thought about postponing it once again , but in the end it didn’t: that’s why.

Joseph Staten – creative lead of 343 Industries – said: “Yeah, I mean we talked about doing [delaying the game]. But where we landed is that Halo Infinite is a live game, so it isn’t ever really “done.” It’s going to progress and evolve from season to season. We talk about launch being the beginning of that journey, but to have a beginning, you need to pick a moment and actually begin,”

He continued stating, “Ultimately, we decided that we’ve been working on this game for a really long time. Our fans have been waiting on this game for a really long time. With solo campaign and our first season of free-to-play multiplayer in really good shape for holiday, we didn’t want to delay anymore. Let’s get started and we’ll continue to evolve from there.”

In fact, remember that the co-op campaign and the Forgia will arrive after the release. Gamers weren’t too happy with these shortcomings, but Halo Infinite – as explained by the developers – will continue to evolve over the years, so it’s understandable that some of the content comes after release. For now, we’ve seen maps and armor in some Halo Infinite leak images .


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