343 Industries , the studio responsible for the development of Halo Infinite , has released an update with information about the process of creating this long-awaited new Master Chief adventure. During the video, details have been discussed such as that the game will go on sale without a cooperative campaign or Forge mode , but an exact release date has not been given. Of course, the company claims to be committed “100%” to publish it this Christmas and they assure that they will announce their date “very soon . 

“I want to admit that it is a bit uncomfortable that we are talking about what things will be at launch without having an official and public release date,” began Brian Jarrard, community director , before ensuring that Halo Infinite will come out at the end of the year: ” We are committed to publishing it this Christmas , and we are very close, I think, at this moment we can only work on some details about what that real date is.”

Halo Infinite release date to be revealed “very soon”

Jarrard has made reference to a statement in which Phil Spencer, head of Xbox , commented that the release date of Halo Infinite was practically decided, but that it depends on other issues such as the release of other games: “Our rank is in. .. the 3-4 weeks, but we don’t have the exact day yet. There are some other things, like timing relative to other games, that we are trying to analyze, “Spencer said recently .

Joseph Staten, creative head of Halo Infinite , has emphasized the veracity of these statements at the same time that he wanted to clarify that the game will be launched with its campaign and its full multiplayer, something that has been necessary after the news about the absences of its cooperative campaign and Forge mode, as well as other features such as executions: “This is absolutely correct. We are 100% committed to launching both the campaign and the first season of our free-to-play multiplayer this Christmas .”

Staten has also anticipated that they will announce the release date of Halo Infinite “very soon” , something that many have wanted to relate to the event that Xbox will celebrate on Tuesday, August 24 at Gamescom 2021 . At the moment, all we know is that it will launch in late 2021 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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