While we still have no date for Halo Infinite, a lot of potential game details have emerged over the past few weeks. For example, the game’s immense download size was revealed , which was no small feat. But also, of course, the rumors of the most fashionable mode in the industry, a battle royale, could not be absent , which is still not entirely clear if this will end up reaching the game.

But hey, while that is confirmed, now there is another alleged leak about the cosmetics and skins that would arrive with the battle passes and other events after the official launch of Halo Infinite. And it is that whoever expects something more or less traditional, will surely be very surprised.

The possible cosmetics of Halo Infinite

Or at least that’s what Tom Henderson, the well-known insider who has achieved quite a bit of fame in recent months for the successful leaks of Battlefield 2042, has mentioned. I tell you the details he has assured on the cosmetic issue in Halo Infinite:

  • He says let’s not expect “true to the franchise” skins . 
  • Instead, it ensures that there will be some pretty crazy cosmetics. ❗️
  • In fact, he mentions that it reminds him of the cosmetics out there for Apex Legends. As a battle royale player , I tell you that they are not super crazy as we can see it in Fortnite, but there are also skins that have little to do with a shooting game ✅
  • Finally, mention that there is a snowman as a skin that will arrive on Christmas ✅

I remind you that this has been mentioned by an insider who, although he has a good reputation, distances himself from all officiality. Now, if you ask me, I think it would be a success to include very crazy and flashy skins in order to encourage the community to buy. In fact, the beginnings of Apex Legends were with skins according to the game and they did not finish very well.

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