Half-Life 2 was the protagonist of a very special case, given that in the past few hours it has set a new record of users simultaneously online , 17 years after its official release on the market.

However, it was not a coincidence, but the result of an event organized by the community: “Breaking the Bar” is in fact the name of the meeting established by the players, with the declared intent to play Half-Life 2 to establish a new record of contemporary use, as well as celebrating the game also through various streaming.

According to the data reported by SteamDB, at least the aim of establishing a new record of online users has been achieved, given that 16,101 users have registered , or the maximum never seen before on Half-Life 2, well 17 years after its release on the market.

In fact, it must be said that the recording of this type of data did not yet exist on Steam at the time of the game’s launch, so it is likely that the numbers in 2004 were much higher, but it is still interesting to note how the objective has been achieved.

The most interesting aspect of the whole question, probably, is the fact of noting how a game that came out several years ago is still able to attract this attention and push a community to celebrate it from all over the world with a simple word of mouth.

Obviously, all this could also have to do with a sort of hidden message towards Valve, as a demonstration of the interest that still surrounds the series and certainly of the expectation that still concerns Half-Life 3 , despite it being now a sort of urban myth.

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