Hades surprised with nine nominations for the 2020 Game Awards

Although it was not the video game that received the most nominations, Hades surprised us with its massive number

The games nominated for The Game Awards 2020 were shared yesterday. As always happens, some games received an overwhelming number of nominations across multiple categories. For example, The Last of Us Part II made headlines for getting eleven nominations. However, not many can say they are surprised by this event. A Naughty Dog game of that scale and acclaim was made to receive this kind of attention. What was surprising was that Hades ended up being the second most nominated game of the night. Yes, Hades has nine nominations.

Among yesterday’s nominations, this game has been nominated for:

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Game Direction
  • Narrative
  • Art Direction
  • Score and Music
  • Performance
  • Best Indie
  • Best Action

Seeing an indie game in so many categories is fascinating and shows the acclaim Hades has received. Officially released a few months ago, this title is considered one of the best games of the year. It was developed by Supergiant Games, the same studio that developed Bastion and Transistor. While this was released for Early Access in December 2018, which has been released this year in its 100% complete version.

Now, can Hades be expected to sweep away the competition and take home more than four or five awards? The sad answer is no, as indies often get little attention at the Game Awards. You might take one of these, but don’t expect it to sweep away the competition. It would be great to see an indie win Game of the Year, don’t you think? Anyway, just taking Best Art Direction or Best Performance would already be a deserved recognition.