GTA 6 would be temporary exclusive to PlayStation 5 [rumor]

For a long time, there have been various rumors about the new Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6). Among the various rumors, one of the most talked about has been its possible announcement within this year. Despite this, its developers assured that the title is still in its infancy to show a preview. Now then, a new rumor has just turned everyone upside down, since they have ensured that the new game in the saga would be a temporary exclusive to Playstation 5.

This has been revealed by Foxy UK Games, a yotuber, who through a video on the platform has given various data. As confirmed, his sources close to Rockstar and the development of GTA, have assured him that the game would be an exclusive for Playstation 5. As they have revealed, the company had disbursed about 750 million dollars to get a month of exclusivity from GTA 6.

So far, the information only remains as one more rumor, since no reliable sources have come out to support it. On the other hand, this action would make a bit of sense, since for a long time it has been said that Sony would be betting heavily on temporary exclusives. It only remains to wait, to know the various actions that both Rockstar and Sony would be about to take .


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