Google Stadia is coming to iOS in a few weeks

Since its launch, no dates have been set for the launch of Google Stadia on iOS . That moment is already very close, in fact, it will be in a few weeks when it becomes reality. They will also do it from the browser, following the steps of GeFore NOW from NVIDIA, which has opted for the same method.

As confirmed, the first phase of the PWA will be ready in a few weeks. No specific dates have yet been given, but the time is drawing near.

Soon on iOS

These days, Google Stadia on iOS works more like a game discovery and management platform . The application gives users the ability to enter their library, search and buy new games. If you want to run one, you select the device to play on remotely, but you cannot play it as such.

Google will launch a progressive web application, which will then make it possible to play directly as normal. This is something that many were waiting for and that has been expected, but that is finally on its way in iOS. Other firms have followed similar strategies, as we have mentioned.

We hope to know more very soon, but it seems clear that the arrival of Google Stadia to iOS seems a fact. It will be an important launch, with which this platform is expanding its presence in the market. As soon as there is a date for the launch on iOS, we will inform you.