Gods and Monsters was forced to change their name due to a lawsuit from Monster Energy

Ubisoft has been forced to change the name of its latest adventure title, Gods and Monsters, to Immortals Fenix ​​Rising due to demand from one of the most famous energy drink companies in the world: Monster Energy .

Ubisoft said this month, in an interview with the VGC portal, that the title change was ” entirely due to the vision of the game ” and that it was not related to any brand issue. However, since then, the beverage company Monster Energy has opposed the Gods and Monsters brand in April this year, two months before Ubisoft confirmed that it had decided to rename the title.

Monster Energy claimed in its filings that the Gods and Monsters game would harm its business Richard Hoeg, Ubisoft could have defeated Monster Energy in its legal claim, but in doing so would have sacrificed a significant amount of time and money fighting the lawsuit. and highlighted his involvement in the gaming industry, including his sponsorship of sporting teams and events, as well as his own gaming site A month later, in May 2020, Ubisoft responded to the opposition filing and denied Monster’s claims, but according to the lawyer

“The fact that Ubisoft is a publicly traded company doesn’t change the fact that they don’t want to get into expensive fights, especially when there is no real certainty of winning.

Yes, I think they would have won the Monster Energy lawsuit in the end, but at what cost? And in how long? And what level of commercialization would have been affected? “, Said the lawyer.


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