Godfall will be one of the launch games for PS5, and also date its premiere on PC

The last hours have been a real madness in terms of current affairs in the world of video games with the announcement of the price and date of PlayStation 5, which was released after seeing some of its most promising games in action. And although this time Godfall did not have a new trailer or gameplay, the interesting looter slasher from Counterplay Games has finally specified its release date on PC, via the Epic Games Store, and on the new generation of PS5.

Edited by Gearbox, Godfall opens on November 12, although in Europe PlayStation 5 players will have to wait until November 19, which is the day the console goes on sale in the old continent. As we already told you days ago, Godfall will have several editions with multiple extras, also including unique content for those who pre-order the game, such as the long sword of Cer0, from the Borderlands saga.

Described as “the first looter-slasher action RPG focused on hand-to-hand combat”, Godfall allows us to take advantage of five types of weapons with their own combat style as we exterminate hordes and hordes of enemies in a colorful futuristic world, in the one whose target is a mad god we must kill With the promise of surprising us with a remarkable variety of scenarios, during our adventure we will level up to learn new skills and improve the fighting prowess of the protagonist.

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Along the way, we will have to unlock the 12 Valorplates, divine armor that is inspired by the zodiac and that has a power capable of striking down any enemy that crosses ahead. We can do it alone, or we can lean on our friends’ thanks to the cooperative online multiplayer for three that Godfall includes.