Ghost of Tsushima will hit 60fps on PS5 and confirms even faster load times

Sony announced this week’s exciting news for PlayStation 5 that players asked to know. On the one hand, he showed the guts of the console without any shame; on the other, it clearly explained how backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 will work and thanks to that we know that more than 99% of the catalog will be playable on PS5. One of the compatible games will be Ghost of Tsushima, which will benefit from the power of the new console.

The studio responsible for the game, Sucker Punch, has announced that “PS5 owners who play with the Game Boost feature activated will see an additional option to allow up to 60 images per second.” Ghost of Tsushima will be able to reach 60 fps on PS5 thanks to the Game Boost of the console, which will improve the performance of the game.

But the news does not end there. Sucker Punch has also dropped that video game load times on PlayStation 5 will be even faster. On PS4, the optimization of the title in this regard is fantastic and the loading times are already very short on that console, so we can expect practically instant loads on PS5.

In addition to all this, Sucker Punch has confirmed that our saved game from PS4 will be transferable to PS5, to be able to follow the adventures of Jin Sakai on the new console. Although we may prefer to continue with the new Legends mode, the multiplayer that will introduce the great free update of the video game, which will arrive on PlayStation 4 on October 16.