Free Fire bans 2 million hackers and 11 million devices

The war with the cheats does not stop, that is why, various companies have been fighting with hackers. Free Fire is one of the most played titles worldwide in terms of mobiles, so there are many who cheat to win. It has been revealed that Garena has banned more than 2 million hackers and 11 million devices.

This was revealed by the company through a video, in which the exact figures of all the banned are disclosed. As revealed, between July 12 to 25, they have banned more than 2 million cheating users. As they say, 68% of the banned people were reported by the same user community, thus evidencing that the reporting system works.

All those who have been banned will not regain their accounts since they have been blocked by the firm. So far, the number is expected to increase, thanks to the implementation of the new reporting system.


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