Final Fantasy XVI surprises with its impressive announcement trailer on PS5 and PC

Square Enix's mythical RPG saga transports us to a bloody fantasy world.

The first big surprise of the new PlayStation 5 event has come from Square Enix , which has presented Final Fantasy XVI , the new chapter of its veteran RPG saga that has been seen in an extensive and spectacular trailer with gameplay scenes, which it already allows us to see how its combat system works , very focused on action, in the vein of its more direct predecessor, FF XV.

The new adventure of the Final Fantasy saga bets on a fantasy setting , which has surprised by the degree of explicit violence it shows, with people suffering heinous deaths and a lot of blood in between. During the video some of the most iconic invocations of the series have been seen, such as Ifrit or Shiva, with a spectacular design.

Without details about the story, characters and the action of FFXVI itself, it is possible that Square Enix will take advantage of the imminent Tokyo Game Show 2020 to reveal more information about this video game developed by Creative Business Unit III , a team in which the author works. from the great Final Fantasy XIV Online, Naoki Yoshida .

The Final Fantasy XVI trailer has ended with the announcement that this is a PS5 exclusive on consoles, which also confirms its launch on PC on a date yet to be specified in both cases.


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