FIFA 21 for PC will be based on the version of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

As Electronic Arts always do, players who want to play FIFA 21 will have to be content with the oldest version of the game, that is, the one that was designed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and not the one that will come to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which includes the latest news (physical improvement, graphic quality, etc.). The Eurogamer portal asked EA Sport what was the reason that the PC version was not on the same level as the versions of the game for the new generation consoles, but received no response.

That there is no answer, it is obvious, since some excuse will have to be invented so that PC users do not have access to the most modern version, but in the end, everything translates into money, and that is that soccer games in PC is not that they are very popular, so why adopt a modern version if they already have a version suitable to work on any standard PC with enough power to enjoy the game without problems.

Whatever the decision, which we remember that they have not given any explanation, users who play FIFA from the PC have been upset considering that the most powerful platform of all will have to settle for an outdated version of the game.


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