Exploits in Monster Hunter Rise: defeat Diablos in less than 2 minutes and Barioth in 1:26

Would you be able to match the record of these players by beating Diablos and / or Barioth?


Monster Hunter Rise continues its journey exclusively for  Nintendo Switch since it was released on Nintendo consoles last March. The game entered the best-seller lists with force, reaching figures already achieved by Monster Hunter World, but with more merit since it was not multiplatform.

All in all, it kept the essence of the saga and the most fearsome and complicated monsters , but like any game that hasn’t stopped some players from doing feats. Today we leave you two quite impressive examples, in one of them you see a single player defeating Diablo in less than 2 minutes .

In this user’s video, he is equipped with a bow, a system with which each class weapon can be forged from mission materials. The thing is that each can be customized to taste, so in the video you can see that the bow has been equipped with ice and quick arrows. Heck they are weak to this element so it all makes sense.

In another case of a player, on that occasion he faces a mission against a Barioth, as he shared through his Twitter account. The weapon that is seen using is the Charged Axe, with some combos that are not as easy to link as it seems at first glance; the video speaks for itself.

Both are equally as impressive, demonstrating the ability of players to defeat complicated monsters in just a minute and soon after starting the fight.

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