Elon Musk Boosts CD Projekt RED Shares With A Single Message


Since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, we have seen CD Projekt RED’s stock decline. Although they have already been having a small rally within the stock market, it has not been the same as their fall. Now then, Elon Musk himself surprised everyone by boosting the company’s actions, thanks to a message he shared through his social networks.

With a single tweet, Elon Musk managed to send CD Projekt RED stock up 19%, in which he gave his appreciation of the game. This is not all, since shortly after, he assured that the title would be playable shortly in his new Model S Plaid cars. It seems that the CEO of Tesla has helped the developer to have its biggest rally in shares after the unfortunate fall a few months ago.

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“Cyberpunk’s aesthetic is incredible, by the way. The interior design is (Exquisite Emoji). You can play Cyberpunk. Plaid Model S ships next month, ”assured Musk.


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