Elden Ring. Rarely have two words aroused so much intrigue – and so much anxiety – among video game fans. Especially considering that, since its announcement in 2019, no real news has been shown about this ambitious FromSoftware project, which Hidetaka Miyazaki is developing with the help of George RR Martin. That didn’t stop Elden Ring from being voted the Most Anticipated Game by gamers at The Game Awards 2020 gala, despite its lack of news throughout the year.

At FromSoftware they are fully aware that their fans are dying to know details about this game, and before the end of the year, they wanted to thank the great support that their community always gives them. Through social media, the studio’s marketing manager, Yasuhiro Kitao, says goodbye to 2020 in this way: “Our sincerest thanks go out to everyone who voted for Elden Ring at TGA, and to all of you who continue to support us.“.

” By virtue of those who play our games and continue to hold us to a high standard, we can forge ahead with development undaunted and highly motivated. Thank you.“, comments his first message, where he makes it clear that the study maintains high spirits in order to finalize its development. However, the developer still had a second message pending: “It seems that [the situation in] the world will not be resolved for some time, but please be careful and enjoy the New Year in good spirits and in health.”

” See you in 2021. ” While this last sentence can make more than one dream of the premiere of the game next year, remember that this is a publication to say goodbye to the year, and it is quite certain that it is simply a formal farewell in its message. Even so, it seems likely that 2021 will give us some news about the project, after a long period of silence from its studio and with the new generation already underway.

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