Dying Light 2 Stay Human still hasn’t made its debut on the market, but the people who prepare the script or deal with the level design are no longer working on the latest Techland game. They need a new job, so it’s not surprising that the Polish studio is starting to create a new title, while looking for more reinforcements to the team.

According to the latest job advertisements, the inhabitants of Wrocław are preparing “the next big game” for their fans, which – like Dying Light and Dying Light 2 – will be a high-budget project. Also mentioned was “knowledge of the differences between the narrative and the gameplay layer in open-world action RPGs,” which sounds very similar to the potential Dying Light 3. Perhaps Techland is confident in the success of the “two” and has no intention of delaying the production of the third installment in the series.

Screenshot 6 1

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However, what is most interesting, Poles will probably move from old graphics engines to Unreal Engine. This change is not surprising, as the next AAA title from Techland will definitely be created with PS5 and XSX | S in mind, so developers will be able to afford graphical improvements and more demanding gameplay sequences.

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