DOOM Eternal cancels its physical version on Nintendo Switch

Released on March 20 on PC and consoles, and nominated for GOTY 2020, the latest from Bethesda suffers turmoil on Nintendo Switch. The long-awaited DOOM Eternal has changed its distribution plans, canceling its physical editions to focus only on the digital format. As its own managers have confirmed, this version, still undated, will arrive soon, but only through the console’s eShop.

DOOM Eternal goes digital only on Nintendo Switch

After an avalanche of cancellations at the GameStop chain of stores, and complaints and fear among users, Bethesda has taken a step forward to clarify what happens with DOOM Eternal for Switch“Although DOOM Eternal is 100% ahead for its imminent digital-only release for Nintendo Switch, the absence of a physical in-store release has resulted in the cancellation of reservations. They ask for calm, in addition to informing that all the money will be returned to those who paid in advance.

Shrouded in silence, and with the recent release of its first DLC, The Ancient Gods, the status of this version is hardly known. Those responsible recently pointed out that it was progressing well, and that it continues to look spectacular in the hybrid. Now, it seems like an announcement is very close, so it’s very possible that given its Game Awards nomination, Bethesda will bring some announcement regarding the release of DOOM Eternal for Switch in December. Will hell return to the hybrid before the end of 2020?