Demon’s Souls will take advantage of DualSense technology

One of the most anticipated games for the launch of PlayStation 5 is the remake of Demon’s Souls and no wonder because over the years since the debut of the original delivery this FromSoftware proposal made history and today it has a base of fans that are counted by millions. In addition to the graphic improvements and additions expected from this title currently in the hands of Bluepoint Games, it is a fact that it will also be one of those that will take advantage of the DualSense technology and a creative link to its development revealed some details about it.

As has happened on other occasions, games created, let’s say “at home”, are usually the ones that best take advantage of the power of consoles and their technological options to expand the gaming experience. In the case of Sony, it is known that the PS5 will bet on something more immersive thanks to the technology of DualSense and the remake of Demon’s Souls will not miss the opportunity. During an interview that will be published in the next issue of PlayStation Official Magazine, Gavin Moore, creative director of Sony Japan, spoke about how the remake will also express itself through the PS5 controller.


According to Moore, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will be tailored to the user’s gameplay and will have different reactions for attacks and spells. Likewise, the creative revealed that the DualSense technology will come into play in different sections, from the simplest thing that would be to push an object or pull a chain to the combat options, such as the parry.

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Demon’s Souls will debut on November 12 along with PlayStation 5