Days Gone Director and Writer Leave Bend Studio

John Gavin and Jeff Ross, two of Bend Studio's leading figures, leave Days Gone's creative company


Bend Studio was a real hit last year. It was hard to find someone who was really excited about Days Gone, as so many of its elements looked generic. The idea of ​​survival horror in a zombie world is something that has been seen so many times that it is difficult to discern between one and the other. However, that didn’t mean Days was a flop. On the contrary, it ended up selling millions of units. What is surprising is that they will have to continue those results without their senior managers.

Both announcements were made on Twitter. John Garvin was the first to announce his departure from the company. He revealed that he has not been part of Bend Studios for a year. Since then, he has been working on personal projects, such as painting and writing. It’s a shame to see such an important figure at Bend Studio leave the company. This designer has worked at Bend since the Siphon Filter years and has seen it grow tremendously in size. Jake Rocket announced shortly after that he would be leaving Bend Studio very shortly.

Days Gone foto 1

What direction will Bend Studio take in the future? There are many possibilities for the future of the company. It is possible that Days Gone will receive a sequel, guaranteeing the economic success of this hypothetical second installment. Another option is to do a remaster or remake of Siphon Filter. Said trilogy was beloved on the PlayStation 1 so doing something with Siphon is just a matter of time.

What they look like they are doing is a brand new property, which sounds fascinating. Two new properties one after the other? Sony displays a different design philosophy with its own exclusives.



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