David Hayter (voice of Solid Snake) is reunited by Zoom with the entire Metal Gear Solid cast. What will they plot?

David Hayer, actor of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, has met with the entire cast of the first game, and it seems that they are preparing something that they will talk about soon …

Although in Spain the most remembered voice of Solid Snake is that of Alfonso Vallés, in the first Metal Gear Solid, the actor who dubbed it in almost all the games in the original version was David Hayter. The actor, and also a screenwriter, will always be related to this character, despite the fact that he was replaced in Metal Gear Solid V by Kiefer Sutherland.

The Metal Gear Solid saga is in limbo, despite common rumors about a possible remake. However, Hayter is up to something that could delight fans. And it is that recently there was a meeting by Zoom with a large part of the cast of the saga. Although it could simply be a friendly meeting, let it drop that they are doing something, which will give more details soon.

These are all the actors who participated: Hayer (Solid Snake), Debi Mae West (Meryl), Robin Atkin Downes (Kaz Miller), Christopher Randolph (Otacon / Huey), Tasia Valenca (Sniper Wolf), Cam Clarke (Liquid Snake) , Paul Eiding (Roy Campbell), Josh Keaton (Major Ocelot), Lori Alan (The Boss) and Jennifer Hale (Naomi Hunter).

Despite the rumors about the remake, this is unlikely to be any indication of something like that, and it could be more of a separate project to celebrate, with fans, the legacy of the saga.

Although there is no game on the horizon, remember that the Metal Gear Solid film that will be directed by Kong director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (who, by the way, shared Hayer’s tweet) is still in progress and that it will have Oscar Isaac as the protagonist. Of course, it still seems quite far away.

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