Dark Moonlight, the horror video game inspired by Black Mirror


Dark Moonlight will plunge you into your worst nightmares and phobias; developed by Silent Bear Studio and inspired by Black Mirror.

The horror genre is one of the most popular in the video game industry today. There are not a few titles that have delved into our nightmares and fears, but something has caught our attention in Dark Moonlight, the new Silent Bear Studio project for PC.

Surely you know the Netlix series, Black Mirror, which tells us terrible paranoias and fears of the human being related to technology in anthology format. Well, Dark Moonlight is a horror game for PC that bets on the same formula, but in relation to our nightmares.

In the shoes of Dave Kellerman, a mental patient, we will have to face a ” particular ” therapy to try to cure ourselves … the problem is that the cure for our disease is to travel to terrible worlds plagued by nightmare creatures, visions and phobias of all kinds and kinds.

In addition to Black Mirror, this title is based on Resident Evil and Silent Hill, as it belongs to the survival horror genre. Dave will have a few objects and resources to survive his “travels”, in which he will be chased by monsters, demons and all kinds of creatures.

Something like what happens in Assassin’s Creed, our protagonist will undergo a process of mental derangement, as the doctors promise him that it is the only way out of his mental problems. We will have a limited inventory, numerous puzzles to solve, and all this seasoned by a careful setting.

At the moment we have only been able to see a trailer (you can see it above) and some screenshots, which highlight its striking artistic design and a powerful technical section, which stands out even more thanks to the first-person perspective. Here you can see his file on Steam.

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