Cyberpunk 2077’s script is so huge it barely fits on a table

During all these years in which we have been told about the development of Cyberpunk 2077, one of the aspects that have stood out the most since CD Projekt is the amount of dialogue that the game has. The adventure will take us through different paths according to our characters and decisions, and all of this must be configured so that it makes sense in a narrative way. This is how an extensive and elaborate script is made … but we didn’t think that much.

Yuki Nishio , the game’s Japanese localization manager, has shared an image that speaks for itself on social media. Appears at a table with a bunch of daughters stacked in four rows. This is the script for Cyberpunk 2077 . A hard work carried out by the Polish studio, which leaves nothing to the extensive scripts that David Cage has presented in some games. And a huge job also for the translation and localization teams of the various languages ​​in which the game will be adapted.

It should be clarified that it is the script translated into Japanese, which may mean that the number of pages in other languages ​​may be lower. But, of course, if Cyberpunk 2077 promises something, it is that it will be rich in content and a lot of lines of dialogue with which to put the player fully in the story.

Remember that Cyberpunk 2077 has completed its development and that it goes on sale on November 19.