Cyberpunk 2077 wants you to watch their characters in dialogue and anticipate their movements

The most attentive players will be able to react earlier to the intentions of the NPCs.

That an RPG allows you to actively participate in the dialogues is not uncommon. We are used to being offered multiple options with which to express the feelings of our character, make decisions that affect the story, and sometimes we are also given the possibility of taking actions that lead to combat or a different balance of power. between different factions. But Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t settle for that, and it will apply a new layer of complexity and immersion to our conversations.

The key is a non-verbal language, according to the official PlayStation magazine in its September issue ( via Sirus Gaming). The source provides a very illustrative example in which V is negotiating with a type of traffickers. Of course, they are not clean wheat, but instead of just thinking carefully about how we respond to each line of dialogue, the game encourages us to turn the camera, pay attention to what is cooking behind the back of our interlocutor, and interpret what happens in the world around us.

In this particular case, if we see several gorillas arming and sneaking into position, it is clear that they are organizing to attack us. This in turn can give us a tactical advantage: we know where each individual is before the lead exchange begins, but we can also negotiate in such a way that it is not necessary to go to such extremes. Whether this situation is actually present in the game or not remains to be seen, but the idea is clear.

Being such a great game, Cyberpunk 2077 has done nothing but confirm and deny comments on its mechanics and possibilities over the past few months. The stage factor during the dialogues sounds great, but we also recently commented that handling two simultaneous weapons is out of the game. With its many benefits and few drawbacks, the new CD Projekt will be available on November 19. We will be able to play it on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and later also on Stadia, Xbox Series X, and perhaps on PS5.

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