CrossfireX delays its launch to 2021

Smilegate confirms the delay of the launch of Crossfire for some point in 2021. The study affirms the coronavirus has been one of the reasons.

CrossfireX delays its launch to some point in 2021. This has been confirmed by the team through the game’s official account on Twitter. In a brief statement, Smilegate attributes “the challenges” they have faced during the coronavirus crisis as the main reason for making this decision.

“After much deliberation, and taking into account challenges faced by the development team at Smilegate due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to delay the launch of CrossfireX to 2021,” the study commented.

They acknowledge that this delay will allow them “to offer the Crossfire experience on the console that the team wanted to create” They conclude by calling on us to remain vigilant in the future.


The last time we heard from him was last July when he showed part of his multiplayer mode and campaign. The latter is run by Remedy Entertainment, creators of Control, and Alan Wake. You can see the first portion of his work here.

On the other hand, during the same month, we were able to participate in the first closed testing session, where we were able to see what the game’s approach is in playable terms. As we said in our prints, CrossfireX is a “mix of styles in one place”.

The main game mode focuses on offering the classic side of the first-person shooter, as if it were a Counter Strike . His strength on that side collides with the disaster we find in the other game mode, which we said was “the perfect example of the generic shooter to the bar.” “Games in this mode are boring and lacking in any sense at the controls. They do not contribute anything, it is a cluster of bad decisions put into practice ”.

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CrossfireX will arrive exclusively for the Xbox in 2021.