Creating perfect AI is a never-ending task, says Watch Dogs Legion director

Clint Hocking talks about the work of adjusting the AI ​​of the opponents in a game with extensive options for an approach to combat.

Yesterday, Watch Dogs Legion, the new game in the Ubisoft series that leads us to be part of the resistance in a London version in the near future, arrived in stores. Within the framework of this launch, we had the opportunity to chat with Clint Hocking, creative director of the game, and we took the opportunity to ask him about the development of artificial intelligence of rivals in the game .

Hocking commented that in Watch Dogs Legion there is a very important work with the AIs that are constantly adjusting because the freedom of approach to each of the situations does not leave the easy task to the enemies with whom we face. Here is his answer:

“There are different angles of attack in any open world game, especially one like Watch Dogs: Legion which has so many approach options: you can use stealth, you can make vehicles go through the environment by hacking them, you can use a spiderbot, you can attack from the sky, use melee attacks, etc. The AI ​​must be able to know what weapons to use, know what is a good cover, which is not the same when you are in the sky as when you are on the ground, and all those things”.

The creative director of Watch Dogs Legion also commented that for this title they implemented numerous changes that seek to make the AIs better fulfill their work. “We have added new features that add an explosion of new dimensions in the AI ​​behavior tree, and that has been a great challenge for the AI. I think we made a lot of improvements and a lot of changes, we gave the AI ​​a lot more skills in In terms of the kinds of situations they might face. It’s a never-ending task to create an AI that’s perfect. “