Chinese open world game smashes Steam records


Tale of Immortal, a Chinese video game, becomes the fourth game with the most simultaneous players in the history of Steam

The tsunami of Chinese gamers is making itself felt more and more on the global platforms they use so much every day. It seems recently when video games were basically banned in the country, with the exception of consoles distributed specifically for its territory. Now, playing Xbox One or PlayStation 4 with someone from this country is a real possibility. At the same time, it is also possible for a Chinese game to skyrocket to the top of Steam. This has been the story of Tale of Immortal, which has dominated the platform despite being in Early Access.

That was the first week of Tale of Immortal, a Chinese open world game with an interesting visual style. Unlike Genshin Impact, which appeared to be a Chinese version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this title is closer to a 2D style. It is similar to indie gamers like The Banner Saga, but clearly with a more conventional playstyle. Yesterday, Tale of Immortal surprised with its peak of players, reaching 172,071 players at the same time. How much is this? It places it above Grand Theft Auto V and Rust. Only Counter Strike GO, DOTA 2, and PUBG have exceeded this amount.

Think about it, this is what the title has achieved in its first week of Early Access. We have no idea how much more it could grow in the next few months or years. The fascinating thing is that the game is not even in English, although the developers have already committed to localizing it.

It’s not going to be the first story we’ll see related to Chinese games in 2021. Considering the cultural capital that games like Genshin and Immortal generate, you can expect to see more in the future.


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