Players of the dark action Chernobylite about the Chernobyl exclusion zone have found a way to complete the entire game in 3 minutes.


Chernobylite, an action game about survival in the Exclusion Zone, appeared in Early Access back in 2019, and a full-fledged release took place in July, but only now fans of the game learned about the secret ending. It turned out that you can finish the plot at the very beginning, spending only 3 minutes on it. After a short introduction, the main character Igor and his partners hit the road. They are going to enter the basements of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to find the mineral Chernobyl. They get out of the car and walk a short distance, communicating with each other. At some point, they stop and wait for the main character Igor to go down into the dungeon. However, gamers have found out that this is not necessary at all.

After a short dialogue, the players can turn around and go back. Gamers need to walk a little through the dark forest and get to the car. Up to this point, it was impossible to interact with the UAZ, but after the introductory dialogues, it becomes active. If you interact with the machine, a dialogue will appear in which the player is asked if he really wants to leave Chernobyl. After an affirmative answer, the hero declares that he has seen enough, and now he returns to England. This is where the game ends.

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The Farm 51’s Chernobylite came out of Early Access on July 28, 2021 on PC. The release on Xbox One and PS4 is scheduled for September 7th.



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