CD Projekt RED on crunch in Cyberpunk 2077: “some would rather we were bad”

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the great protagonists of today in the world of video games, and it is for several reasons. On the one hand, the game has entered the “Gold” phase, which means that its release version is finished and there will be no more delays. And on the other, CD Projekt RED has imposed crunch measures on workers in the coming weeks, to finish correcting and polishing the last aspects of the game. The latter has been the subject of controversy, especially as CD Projekt has publicly opposed crunch in the past.

Now, Polish developer Adrian Chmielarz, founder of People Can Fly and his current studio The Astronauts, has posted a lengthy message on Facebook, claiming that not everything is “black and white” when it comes to crunching in the development world. A message that has received a response from the technical director of CD Projekt RED, Lukasz Szczepankowski, who assures that the managers in the industry are not those cartoon “exploiters”.

“My experience shows me that developers maintain certain solidarity in this regard, from bottom to top, no matter what position they occupy. [Team] managers in video game development are not those cartoon capitalists – exploiters who tell their stories. banknotes while smoking a cigar and occasionally glancing at downtrodden developers. ” Shortly after, and as a result of CDPR promising to compensate workers for the extra hours, a user responded to the original post in an ironic way, to be skeptical of the promise.

To this, Szczepankowski has also responded forcefully, who believes that some people want CDPR to be “the bad one” to reinforce their narratives: “I wonder what is the point of your comment. CDPR has shared its benefits for a long time, to its time, and no excuses. Really, I have the impression that some people would rather we were bad just to have a foundation for their ideological narrative.

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From what is seen, the technical director of the study is very contrary to the recent criticisms of the crunch, although that does not change the fact that the additional days are required by the study and not a voluntary decision of each worker. In any case, we remind you that Cyberpunk 2077 will be available next November 19, and will be compatible with new generation consoles.