Capcom is already working on Resident Evil 9


The early stages of Resident Evil 9 are already in the works, but don’t expect to see it for several years and don’t expect to play it either.

The Resident Evil games have been quite successful in recent years, a round of the tortilla when compared to that dead period of the past decade between RE6 and RE7. With the upcoming arrival of Resident Evil 8, everything indicates that fans are about to enjoy another installment with the potential to be quite fun and memorable. However, there is another important point that will catch your attention: Resident Evil 9 is already in development at the Capcom offices.

Very, very early development, but development just the same.

On Twitter , Duskgolem (the insider we’ve gotten information from more than a dozen times) commented that Resident Evil 9 has been “worked on” for three years. That’s right, RE8, RE9, RE2R, and RE3R all came to be in development at the same time. Does that mean we’ll see it soon? Not really. These titles go through long cycles as Capcom tries over and over with different ideas until one of them fits. RE9 most likely looks very, very different than it does today. Think of the story of RE4, which started out as Devil May Cry.

Duskgolem estimates that the game will not be released before 2024, which means that it will not appear for a long time. Resident Evil 8 is about to be released, so everyone should have fun with that one and get the game out of it before thinking about the ninth major installment in the franchise. RE8 is nearing its launch and it looks like it will be another successful title.


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