Call of Duty Modern Warfare on PC will finally allow parts to be uninstalled to take up less space

The latest updates to the game raised its total size above 200GB.

If you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC, we have great news for you. The game from Infinity Ward and Activision will finally allow different parts of the title to be uninstalled to reduce the disk space it occupies. A feature that was already available in the game’s digital installations on consoles, and which has become much needed after recent updates that raised the size of the game above 200 GB on PC, between Modern Warfare and its popular Warzone mode.

Via Twitter, Modern Warfare Production Director Paul Haile confirms that the game’s new patch 1.28 (available today) allows PC users to uninstall specific game components if they don’t want to use them. “Tomorrow’s update will offer to uninstall options for specific modes to owners of Modern Warfare on PC,” commented the developer, with a brief message.

Or, put another way, Call of Duty players on PC will finally be able to reduce the size of the game installation based on the modes they prefer to play. Whether it’s the campaign like Modern Warfare’s multiplayer modes, or a Call of Duty: Warzone that continues to grow in popularity and size, occupying by itself what several games of this generation.

On this, like a detail, Activision has expelled 20,000 more users for cheaters in recent dates, as part of its efforts to clean the games. We remind you that the new season of Modern Warfare has introduced a subway system in Warzone, although if you have not yet tried this free battle royale, as well as the latest game in the saga.