Bungie flatly denies that Xbox tried to buy the studio: “it’s fake”

Bungie is the studio responsible for sagas like Destiny or Halo. They rose to fame with the adventures starring the Master Chief, making Halo the Xbox flagship. A relationship that lasted from 2001 to 2010, when their paths parted and Bungie became an independent studio again, at which point they began development on Destiny.

Bungie has had considerable success with its MMO Destiny, which features two installments and several expansions. Perhaps this is why the news has sounded strong that Microsoft has tried to acquire Bungie without success on several occasions. This is what they say in the GB Decides podcast, led by Jeff Grubb, from Venture Beat.

In response to Nibellion’s tweet reporting the situation, Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie, has come forward with a blunt “this is false” DeeJ, the head of the studio community responsible for the Destiny saga, also joined the discussion, asking that “when you circulate gossip about our company, please use our correct logo”, with an attached image showing the current emblem from Bungie.

A heated debate between Bungie and several journalists that has taken place through Twitter and in which it seems that all the doubts about it have not been dispelled. Daniel Ahmad, another well-known industry insider, also adds in the thread that Bungie went independent so as not to have to depend on anyone, although last year NetEase invested $ 100 million in the company to acquire a minority stake to drive them to launch. their games in China. We will see how all this mystery full of crosses of statements is solved.

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