BluePoint Games’ next remake maybe Metal Gear Solid

Bluepoint Games is probably going through one of its sweetest moments. The study that accompanies the launch of PlayStation 5 with Demon’s Souls Remake begins to be accompanied by rumors of purchase by Sony, but it is not the only thing that sounds in the back room. Various rumors suggest that the studio would now be working on a Metal Gear Solid remake. Something that has been sounding for a long time, but now it is again gaining special strength for the new generation of consoles.

Rumors of the Metal Gear Solid remake made by Bluepoint Games

At the end of 2019, the studio published a tweet in which it flirted quite a bit with what it was dealing with. It was not yet known that they were working on a remake of Miyazaki’s work, but their cryptic tracks included the following, in English: “Filter your candy collections, soft from solid, and be eco-friendly. Have a metal Halloween ». From smooth to solid and have a metal Halloween. Two very specific terms that, as pointed out on Reddit, could well be a hint of something related to Metal Gear Solid.

The other clue that reinforces this theory is precisely in the remake of Demon’s Souls, of which we cleared the doubts in our analysis. In certain parts of the Nexus, there is a mysterious noise that has the community investigating thoroughly, especially in the wake of the impossible to open door. The same Reddit user has stressed that the sound is _ »exactly identical to that of the fight against Liquid in Metal Gear» _.

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The clues are on the table, and Bluepoint is anything but subtle when it comes to hinting at what it’s doing. In addition, the hypothetical Metal Gear Solid Remake has been playing for a long time.