Bayonetta 3 creator said everyone “should forget” the game


Hideki Kamiya, one of the key figures of PlatinumGames, comments that the wait for Bayonetta 3 will be better if we forget it

Once again, we come back to this. In the year 2017, the world was surprised by the announcement of Bayonetta 3. Since then, nothing related to this game has been seen or shown, which has caused concern in some. After all, it’s been three years since this third installment was revealed and we haven’t seen anything about it. Trailers, images, demos, everything is a great unexplored lagoon. Every year his fans pray for the return of Cereza, but without any salvation. Now, Hideki Kamiya has communicated that we will have to wait a long time.

Speaking to VideoGamesChronicle, Hideki Kamiya (creator of Bayonetta) commented on the different projects PlatinumGames have been working on. Babylon’s Fall, Project GG and others. However, there is one name that obviously came up in the conversation and it is Bayonetta 3. When Kamiya was asked about the third installment of the Umbra Witch. The comments of this creator were very striking:

It’s not in our position to speak, but… it’s January. We have to have something, right? I guess it’s safe to hope that something will have to “come out.” What I am saying is that there is still a lot left of the year. I understand you are driving the fans crazy! In response to this, my suggestion would be that we all start from scratch and forget about Bayonetta 3. So when something finally happens, it will be a nice surprise, right?

Bayonetta foto 2 1

Well, considering what has been happening with PlatinumGames, perhaps waiting without paying much attention is healthier. What we will see this year will probably be a pretty basic trailer. PG has a lot on the way, but it looks like Bayonetta won’t be something that is coming very soon. You will have to be patient for a while, or perhaps a little more than “a while.”

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