One of the strangest trailers of the night was Ark II and it featured a cinematic starring Vin Diesel

Remember last year, when the Game Awards closed with the announcement of a new Fast & Furious game? Probably not, as the mediocrity displayed on the screen was forgotten after receiving terrible reviews. However, something that may have been forgotten is that this title was introduced by Vin Diesel. It seems that all this was a preview of what we would see this year since this actor has returned to the world of video games. This time, he has done so through Ark II, the sequel to Arc: Survival Evolved.

The great thing is that the trailer starts without having any information about what is being worked on. At first, it seemed that Vin Diesel had paid some studio in Eastern Europe to make his own survival game. However, it ends with the survivors finding science fiction technology, which was continued by the first demonstration of the Ark II logo. Some believed this to mean that Vin Diesel was only going to be in the commercial, but they were wrong. Everything indicates that the famous actor will have some role in the game. What will the game look like? Nobody has any idea!

Along with Ark II, an animated series of this franchise was announced. Yes really. Strangely, this series looks somewhat promising, with a talented cast of actors including Gerard Butler, Jeffry Wright, David Tennant, Elliot Page, Karl Urban, and Russell Crowe.

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