AMD denies any type of problem in the manufacture of its SoC for the PlayStation 5

After Sony officially ruled and denied that console production was cut from 15 million to 11 million due to a problem in the manufacture of silicon by TSMC, due to the semi-custom SoC design designed by AMD and Sony, now the second affected is also officially pronounced.

Sony has denied the news. Forrest Norrod, vice president of AMD and general manager of the data center and embedded division, also responded to questions about the supply of 7nm chips when attending the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference.

Forrest Norrod said that AMD has previously commented that the supply of 7nm chips is sufficient, not just 7nm chips, but the entire supply chain from wafers to substrates.

AMD ’s 7nm chips were handed over to TSMC’s foundry. There was indeed a shortage of high-end chips such as Ryzen 9 when it was first released last year . However, as Apple and Huawei switched to 5nm processes, TSMC’s 7nm capacity space was also released. AMD may become the largest customer of TSMC’s 7nm process this year , and production capacity is still guaranteed.

It is to be expected that with the AMD Ryzen 5000 the mistakes of the past will not be repeated, which are having limited units in the market, especially in the portable market, and that is that with the Ryzen 4000 it entailed exclusive agreements with some companies and still today there is a stock out of stock, so laptop manufacturers have been forced to reuse Intel processors. This will not happen with the Ryzen 5000.

via: MyDrivers