A new Mass Effect game is in development


It is announced that Mass Effect will be back, perhaps, eventually, if Bioware does not close doors in the next five years

What is happening in Bioware is a rather curious case. Almost two years ago, Anthem was released, the game that was given years of effort and development. After the not-so-positive results of Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem was going to be the thing to lift them off the ground and revive the company. To his bad luck and terrible labor exploitation, Anthem ended up being a disaster. Since then, they’ve been working on a Dragon Age game, but it’s been a year since they announced it and its name is still unknown.

Interestingly, Bioware saw this situation and thought “You know what? It’s time for a new Mass Effect. ” That’s right, even though neither Dragon Age nor Anthem 2.0 are close to being finished, ME will have a new installment. This was the final trailer for The Game Awards 2020 and the only thing that was shown was Commander Shepard’s logo being picked up by an Asari woman who appears to be Liara from the original trilogy. Other than that, nothing particularly interesting has been shown about its gameplay or narrative.

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The thing is, Bioware hasn’t released anything in two years and Dragon Age doesn’t seem to be close to launch. And Electronic Arts is famous for closing companies after a couple of failures. So, after Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, what are you waiting for to shut down Bioware’s electricity for good? Perhaps the Dragon Age numbers will decide the future of the company.

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We will see what happens with the future of this company, it is only important to remember that the development cycles of Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem were catastrophic.



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