A new GTA Online exploit allows modders to access players’ personal information, including Rockstar accounts and IP addresses. In other words, modders can now make life hell for players both in and out of the game.

The user who reported this was TheBrickPrince, who alerted the exploit through his Twitter account: 

In this way, mods that only appear to offer a new version of the game menu can actually hide other types of malicious functions. Players who have installed any of these may experience unintentional changes to their gameplay.

The main problem is that modders can use this to access our information, be it the Rockstar ID or even to see if we are connected or not. In addition, the mod itself allows them to hide their name and eliminate all kinds of traces, which prevents them from being reported to the developer.

Unfortunately, the user did not want to reveal the name of these malicious mods so as not to give them more diffusion. In this way, everything is left to Rockstar to solve this problem, since the same user said he had contacted the company to provide the name of the mods.

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