A bill seeks to ban the sale of violent games in Chicago due to the increase in car theft


A Democratic representative has launched a bill focused on banning the sale of violent video games in Chicago due to the increase in car thefts in the city.

The city of Chicago is experiencing an increase in the crime rate due to the registration of a good number of car theft cases . Given this, one of the ideas of the legislative team has been to prohibit the sale of violent video games in the great city.

Marcus Evans, a Democratic representative in the city, has proposed a bill that seeks to expand the legislation that prevents the sale of violent video games to minors so that it extends to any age.

As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, proposal HB3531 changes the provisions that restrict the sale or rental of violent video games to minors to prohibit the sale of all violent video games. Of course, mention has been made of Grand Theft Auto.

On the other hand, this bill also includes the modification of the definition of violent gambling in the Criminal Code to that of games that allow a user or player to control a character within the video game where it is encouraged to perpetuate violence between humans,  in the one that the player kills or causes serious physical or psychological damage to another human or animal being.

This is just a new episode of “videogames incite violence” and, despite the passing of the years, the debate, already well known, always ends up again jumping to the fore. What do you think of this whole thing?

A few months ago,  Massey University concluded that there is no evidence that violence is linked to video games. On the other hand,  the American Psychological Association expressed last year that there is no relationship between video games and violence.

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