343 Industries recalls that it has no plans to bring Halo 5 to the Master Chief Collection

At this point, it seems like nothing is beyond the reach of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. 343 Industries continues to expand and improve the already great compilation with numerous features, functionalities, cosmetic content, and more. If just a few weeks ago we welcomed Halo 3 ODST and its version of Firefight, Halo 4 testing will begin very soon. Unfortunately, it will stay there, leaving Halo 5: Guardians off the list.

“This is the last Halo game we have planned for the [Halo 4] collection, we’re sorry to ruin your dreams of Halo 5 coming to MCC, so let’s finish off strong!” You can read it in the latest official blog entry. Of course, you have to understand the context of the statement before drawing conclusions: indeed, 343 had announced publicly in the past its intention to bring the Master Chief Collection to PC and add some very specific content, so that initial plan yes it comes to an end.

However, nothing prevents a future plan from bringing Halo 5 to the MCC, or to PC by other means. Be that as it may, this strange exclusion will remain “in limbo” for the moment despite the insistence of fans, until further notice. As a reminder, the team had already denied the Halo 5 relaunch in the past, so it’s really nothing more than a reaffirmation of intent.

Participants in the Halo Insider program will be able to participate in the Halo 4 Flight test over the next few days, as the Halo 5 competitive scene continues to unfold behind the curtains. Meanwhile, Halo Infinite is still on the horizon with no specified release date, missing the Xbox Series X launch | S.