Xbox Series X hides an infrared receiver

Xbox Series X (as well as Series S) has a small button on the front of the console, located near the USB port . Although this is designed to combine the machine with the appropriate controller and dedicated accessories, it actually hides a second function.

According to what was stated by Major Nelson in century Larry Hryb , the button is also equipped with an infrared receiver , useful for using certain peripherals such as the remotes of old Xbox consoles.

“The Xbox One Media Remote will also continue to work on the Xbox Series X | 
S as part of our commitment to backward compatibility with existing accessories. 
The design team hid an infrared receiver inside the pairing button.

The function, as mentioned, will allow users to use all the old accessories that support this technology: although it is hardly used frequently, it will allow gamers to take advantage of peripherals purchased for consoles already in their possession on the Xbox Series X (and its “little sister”) , without needing to acquire new dedicated products. A small convenience that underscores Microsoft’s commitment to supporting compatibility between different Xbox generations.