This Huawei patent will change the way we charge our smartphones

HUAWEI is working on making our lives easier by allowing remote device charging.

In its patent, filed in September 2019, the company describes a laser technology that can achieve a fully wireless battery charging process for smartphones and other devices.

The technology doesn’t have a name yet but it’s certainly hopeful. High refresh rate displays and 5G connectivity make smartphone battery life an increasingly critical issue.

With this technology, it would not be necessary to connect cables to charge the device or place it on a charging base. 

Huawei USA has published a video on its YouTube channel in which it briefly explains what this technology consists of, which makes us think that it is not just “smoke”.

This HUAWEI patent is the first to include a safety mechanism that detects eyes in the laser path and turns off devices to protect people and pets in the area.

The technology allows multiple users to simultaneously charge their compatible devices using a single wireless module in the room. Being in a conference room or cafeteria with a wireless module, the devices are constantly receiving power to recharge the battery.

Laser charging technology can be used in a home, commercial, or office environment, but at the moment nothing is known about the official deployment of the technology.