The wireless charger of the new iPhone 12 also works in other mobiles such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Pixel 5

One of the qualities that have attracted the most attention of the new iPhone would not be exclusive to Apple mobiles. Android Police discovered that the MagSafe charger works on other mobiles.

In addition to 5G and other qualities, the iPhone 12 has attracted attention for its magnet system. The renewed MagSafe brand brings a series of wireless chargers and accessories to customize and make apple smartphones more versatile. 

It had been established that this quality was exclusive, at least for the moment, to Apple phones. However, from AndroidPolice they have verified that other terminals would also have what is necessary to use these chargers. 

Samsung’s new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, also “sticks” to this magnetic, wireless charger. The magnets that this phone uses to fold itself firmly serve to hold the charger glued to its outer casing. Being also compatible with wireless charging, the connection is served. 

Both the iPhone 12 and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 are premium phones. The Samsung phone is priced at 2,000 euros within the reach of very few. However, the compatibility between the new Apple charger and the Samsung folding phone would not be full. 

The magnets of the iPhone 12 are strong and keep the charger glued, even if the phone is standing or in the air. On the contrary, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 integrates magnets in the hinge and on the side of the phone to keep it well closed and yes, they help to hold the charger, but not as firm as in the case of Apple. 

Support for Qi wireless charging is easier to find. More and more mobiles and devices (watches and headphones) allow this wireless charging system. This indicates that only the charger’s magnet system would give problems, in tests only the Pixel 5 has given results similar to those of the Samsung Fold. 

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It seemed that this functionality would be exclusive to Apple and in part it continues to be so, but in the future we may find other products where to use these wireless and magnetic chargers , as well as the rest of the accessories.