The Samsung Galaxy S21 would be the first terminals to arrive with AMD Radeon graphics

Samsung has seen how the front design of their Galaxy S21 family has been leaked, but what really matters to us is that the image shows that they will be backed by AMD, and it must be remembered that Samsung reached a collaboration agreement with AMD to employ its RDNA graphics architecture to bring the world’s most powerful mobile GPUs to life, and while this collaboration was not expected to materialize until next year (2021), the first reports now corroborating that really that year we will see the first mobile with a Radeon GPU.

The first benchmark leaked last May revealed that the AMD Radeon graphics integrated with a Samsung SoC presented a performance improvement of up to 300 percent compared to the Adreno 650 graphics found in the Snapdragon 865 SoC, and that is that some Graphics of such caliber on a mobile device has become crucial for the industry, since all manufacturers have launched to offer 120 or 144 Hz panels in their terminals, so powerful graphics allow you to take advantage of these panels where they are most demanding. in demand, the games, where these graphics promise to be 250% faster than the Adreno 650.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 would thus use the Exynos 1000 SoC, which is the same SoC that the company would use to give life to laptops and desktops with Windows 10 to follow the steps of Apple to offer these computers under the ARM architecture instead of the traditional x86, so be careful, this will also liven up the laptop market.

via: Forbes


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